Fishing Town

Fishing Town 1.0.6

Bring fish home so everyone gets fed

Fishing Town is a fun game featuring fishing and RPG adventure stories in one game. Players will be based in the town and have responsibilities for bringing fish home so everyone gets fed, but also head out on different adventures which provide lots of features and have their own short storyline.

Lukas and his father are the main characters within the game and journeying out on fishing trip adventures gives opportunities to fight sea monsters and explore lots of different exciting adventures based on fishing.

Players can also expand the size of the base town and interact with all the villagers and people living in the neighbourhood. There are a number of puzzling mysteries connected with Fishing Town and players have to solve these mysteries to move on in some of the stories.

This interesting and fun game app is available for free and can be downloaded to Android 4.0.3 and above. The game also provides opportunities for players to interact with each other and chat.

Digital purchases can be made from within the game and cost between £2.35 and £78.55, with a proportion of all revenue going to support fishing and conservation in Indonesia. The game has optimised size and performance and features a vibration toggle function.

Players will enjoy the graphics, design and colour of the Fishing Town game screen and this update was released on 27 November 2015, with all bugs fixed. The characters in the game are appealing and kids will adore the monster graphics and the giant fish with anchor logo.

If you enjoy RPG or want to introduce a young child to short RPG adventures this a great game that pulls you in from the start and makes you want to complete all the stories just so your fishing skills can be increased and you get to learn all about the town and people living there.

Fishing Town


Fishing Town 1.0.6

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